Domestic Partner Tax Services

Tax Filing for Same Sex Couples

We specialize in helping same sex married couples and registered domestic partners navigate the complex IRS tax filing rules, while at the same time taking advantage of all the legal loopholes available under these same rules. Our domestic partner tax services include:

  • RDP Tax consultation and information gathering
  • Domestic partner tax return filing and preparation
  • Responding to IRS notices and correspondence quickly and effectively
  • Reviewing past years returns and, if beneficial, amending to get what the IRS owes you

Financial Services for Same Sex Couples

What else? You're going to like working with us, so we can also take care of your other tax and accounting needs, including:

Individual and small business returns

Preparing, planning, amending individual and joint tax returns, including sole proprietor businesses, real estate rentals, and other sources of income

Business returns

C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and Partnerships, including LLC's and multi-state returns

Real Estate Investors

We handle a wide variety of real estate professional tax situations, from your basic schedule E rental property, to aggregating multiple properties for real estate professional elections, 1031 exchanges, and basis tracking.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Using QuickBooks, we can arrange anything from training your staff how to manage the books to taking it all off your hands

State Sales Tax Filings

Filing quarterly and annual sales tax returns in California, as well as handling pre-payments as determined by the Board of Equalization, and amending past returns to correct reported sales.

County Property Tax Filings

Filing annual business property tax returns (571-L) for multiple counties.